What Are Some Holiday Crafts You Can Make With Your Pet?

What Are Some Holiday Crafts You Can Make With Your Pet?

The holidays are here! Now is the time to spread cheer, give back, and make as many memories as possible. For your pets, the holidays are exciting and limited. It’s no secret your pets won’t live forever. These moments are special and should be spent commemorating your time as much as possible. That means it’s time to pull out the construction paper, glitter glue, and non-toxic paint and start making memories. Here are a few ideas to help freeze time and keep your pets a part of the celebration for years to come.

Holiday Pet Craft Ideas

Make A Holiday Ornament

Ornaments are a great addition to any holiday tree that provides memories every year that you use them. There are many crafty ways to create this memory to hang on your tree. However, we will cover our top two.

The Paw Print Ornament – This is a safe and easy way to freeze your pet’s paw in time. All it takes is flour, water, and a pinch of salt. No exact measurements needed. Mix it all together into a dough and flatten to about ¼ inch thick. Press your pet’s paw into the mixture. Poke a small how at the top and string a ribbon through the hole. Let the dough dry for up to an hour. Then, Voila! Your ornament is ready for any further decorating you deem necessary.

The Collar Ornament – Your pets grow out of sweaters, toys, beds, and especially their collars. So, what do you do with them after? Why not repurpose old gear into holiday memories. You can take an old collar and create a holiday tree memory. This even works with old sweaters or toys. If you take a clear plastic ornament and place strips of these items inside, with a photo of your pet to top it off, you have the perfect holiday decoration.


Make a Holiday Photo Frame

The Season Wall Photo – Somethings you decorate with all year and some only seasonally. Why shouldn’t that go with the photos you hang on your wall? Create a holiday photo frame with your pet’s paw in the shape of a holiday tree! This one is messy, but worth every memory. Use a non-toxic paint to dip your pet’s paw into and stamp their paw in the form that you like. To top it off, take a photo of you and your pet while doing it.

Make A Seasonal Pet Blanket

The Holiday Pet Blanket – This one might sound out there, but it is the perfect way to get your pets excited about their seasonal items. You can use a mix of store-bought fabric, old blankets, old pet clothing, or all the above! Using the tying up the corners method, you can create a happy memory for your pet to use every holiday and to keep every holiday after!

At Pet Butler, we understand what it means to want to give your pet the best and most meaningful memories. That is why Pet Butler is dedicated to providing clean yards for you and your pet to make as many memories as possible. If you want to learn more about the services we provide, follow the link here!

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