What Are Places That Serve Dog-Friendly Food?

What Are Places That Serve Dog-Friendly Food?

Pet owners hate leaving their pets at home. It’s a thing. Our dogs are lonely without us and love to get social in new places. (And, pet owners have less guilt about heading out for fun adventures when their furry best friend is tagging along.) Eating out with your dog can be fun. Fun, if you go to the right place, that is! Pet Butler, the company that takes care of your dirty work for you, has a list of tips to help you find dog-friendly places to dine with your pet. When you’re in need of a helpful and trustworthy pet waste removal service, look no further than Pet Butler – we’ll clean up your dog’s mess so you have more time for petting.

Your Guide to Eating Out With Your Dog

Check the menu ahead of time. If you plan to order food off the restaurant’s menu for your dog, be sure to check ahead to make sure that the establishment has items that your pet can eat. This will save time and avoid confusion as well as keep you and your pet happy!

Bring your own food. The best way to eat out with your pet is to bring his or her favorite food with you. Usually, a pet-friendly restaurant will be happy to provide a bowl of water for your furry best friend. Bringing the food your pet is used to is the best way to make the dining out experience best for you, your pet, and the restaurant.

Choose a good time for your pet. Like most things in like, timing is everything. Bringing your pet out at times when he or she hasn’t had a walk or active playtime could lead to a negative dining experience. Take your dog for a long walk and let her or him burn off that excess energy right before you leave. And, depending on your pet’s nature, you might want to time it so that your pet arrives at the restaurant hungry and eats at the same time as you – that way he or she is occupied while you eat.

Share the responsibility. You might call this bringing in reinforcements. Whatever you call it, it’s a great idea to prep your dinner partner that you might need some help with the pet during your dining out experience. The other diner can take the pet for a walk if he or she can’t sit still so you can finish eating and vice versa.

Bring a treat. Most dogs have a thing that motivates them – a favorite toy, a rawhide, or a dog biscuit. Whatever they love, bring that along to keep your dog busy while you enjoy your meal.

Be patient. Dogs have a mind of their own. Sometimes your dining out experience may seem amazing and perfect. Other times they may be antsy, anxious or boisterous. All of this is normal, but it can leave the pet owner frazzled and discouraged. With a patient mindset, dining out with your pet can be a great opportunity to bond with your pet even more deeply. The key is to be patient and keep exposing your pet to new situations so he or she gets more comfortable in those settings.

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