(a)Name the causative agent of typhoid in humans

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(a)Name the causative agent of typhoid in humans.
(b)Name the test administered to confirm the disease.
©How does the pathogen gain entry into the human body?Write the diagnostic symptoms and mention the body organ that gets affected in severe cases.

(a)Salmonella typhi is a pathogenic bacterium that causes typhoid fever in human beings.
(b)Typhoid fever could be confirmed by Widal test.
©The pathogens generally enter the small intetstine through food and water contaminated with them and migrate to other organs through blood.
Symptoms:Sustained high fever weakness,stomach pain,constipation, headache and loss of appetite are some of the common symptoms of this disease.Intestinal perforation and death may occur in severe cases.
Mainly this disease attack the alimentary canal and brain.