(a)Describe the endosperm development in coconut

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(a)Describe the endosperm development in coconut.
(b)Why is tender coconut considered a healthy source of nutrition?
© How are pea seeds different from castor seeds with respect to endosperms?

(a)Coconut endosperm formation in nuclear type:
The nucleus of primary endosperm cell is divided by free nuclear division. The nucleus divided into two and at last 128 nuclei. Then by the process of sytokinesis it changes in cellular endosperm.
(b) The water of tender coconut, technically the liquid endosperms is richin nutrients like fat, proteins, carbohydrates,minerals, vitamins as endosperm provides nutrition to developing embryo.
© Pea seed is non-endospermic as endosperm is absent because endosperm is consumed completely during embryo development, while castor seed is endospermic as endosperm is present.