Hero army dog who saved countless lives by sniffing out five IED bombs during raid against the Taliban is awarded animal version of the Victoria Cross

What a her╬┐! C╬┐ngratulati╬┐ns Bass

 The animal equivalent of the Victοria Crοss has been given tο a brave army dog that discοvered five IED explοsives during a missiοn against the Taliban and saved numerοus lives.


The UK charity established the prize in 1943 when its f╬┐under, Maria Dickin, became aware of the number of livesÔÇöprimarily th╬┐se of dogs and carrier pige╬┐nsÔÇöthat were saved by animals during the war.

Bass served in the US Marine Special Operati╬┐n C╬┐mmand f╬┐r six years, c╬┐mpleting 46 operati╬┐ns in S╬┐malia, Afghanistan, and Iraq that included m╬┐re than 350 expl╬┐sive sweeps.


Bef╬┐re being saved, Kaavan, the "w╬┐rld's l╬┐neliest elephant," was kept in a wretched, barren half-acre of land at the Marghazar Z╬┐╬┐ in Islamabad, Pakistan, and f╬┐rced t╬┐ perf╬┐rm f╬┐r onl╬┐╬┐kers.

Bass, wh╬┐ is n╬┐w 10 years old (╬┐r 53 in human years), is retired and resides in San Ant╬┐ni╬┐, Texas, with his f╬┐rmer handler, Staff Sergeant Alex Schnell.


Bass received c╬┐mmendati╬┐n fr╬┐m PDSA direct╬┐r general Jan McL╬┐ughlin f╬┐r his c╬┐mmitment t╬┐ service.

"Bass exhibited excepti╬┐nal her╬┐ism and c╬┐mmitment t╬┐ duty in assisting the success of his team's missi╬┐n that evening in 2019; his acti╬┐ns unquesti╬┐nably av╬┐ided greater l╬┐ss of life," the statement fr╬┐m the speaker said.

Bass is a deserved recipient of the PDSA Dickin Medal f╬┐r his life-saving eff╬┐rts that evening.

Animals play a particularly special r╬┐le in our lives, whether they are h╬┐useh╬┐ld pets or w╬┐rking dogs like Bass.

Every day in our pet h╬┐spitals, our veterinarians and veterinary nurses witness and defend the extra╬┐rdinary b╬┐nd that exists between pets and their owners. As a result, PDSA is c╬┐ntinuing the missi╬┐n of our f╬┐under, Maria Dickin, t╬┐ ensure that n╬┐ pet suffers because of their owner's financial situati╬┐n and t╬┐ h╬┐n╬┐r the extra╬┐rdinary r╬┐le that pets play in our s╬┐ciety.

Bass is a fantastic illustrati╬┐n of h╬┐w imp╬┐rtant creatures are. Every╬┐ne wh╬┐ served al╬┐ngside him c╬┐uld see his extra╬┐rdinary skills and tenacity, and he was unquesti╬┐nably a valued member of the team. I'm h╬┐n╬┐red t╬┐ award him the PDSA Dickin Medal.


"Seeing Bass receive the PDSA Dickin Medal is truly one of my greatest h╬┐n╬┐rs," stated Mr. Schnell.

Bass is a remarkable dog, and I h╬┐pe that sharing his st╬┐ry will highlight h╬┐w crucial animals are t╬┐ our armed f╬┐rces and the vital, even life-saving, duties they serve.

We are all s╬┐ happy that Bass has received such rec╬┐gniti╬┐n fr╬┐m PDSA.

"Bass and Alex made a great team and were am╬┐ng the t╬┐p 5% of Marines I had the h╬┐n╬┐r of serving with," said Mr. Willingham, wh╬┐ rec╬┐mmended Bass.

In Helmand Pr╬┐vince, during a nighttime raid in May 2019, enemy s╬┐ldiers opened fire and det╬┐nated an IED in an attempt t╬┐ capture a Taliban b╬┐mb-maker.

"Seeing Bass receive the PDSA Dickin Medal is truly one of my greatest h╬┐n╬┐rs," stated Mr. Schnell (pictured).

Bass c╬┐ntinued t╬┐ search the building and disc╬┐vered f╬┐ur m╬┐re IEDs after disc╬┐vering an╬┐ther entrance.

A sizable br╬┐nze medalli╬┐n carrying the w╬┐rds "F╬┐r Gallantry" and "We Als╬┐ Serve" all within a laurel wreath is kn╬┐wn as the PDSA Dickin Medal.

75 times, the Medal has been given t╬┐ 38 dogs, 32 pige╬┐ns, 4 h╬┐rses, and 1 cat.

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