A Guide To Pet-Friendly Flower Gardens

A Guide To Pet-Friendly Flower Gardens

Now that spring is in full bloom, you’ll want to plant flowers and shrubs to spruce things up in your garden. However, don’t overlook the dangers that some plants can cause to your dog or pet. As a pet owner, keeping your pet safe is your priority, but as a homeowner, you want to keep your garden looking beautiful too.Pet Butler has compiled a guide to help you choose the right pet friendly plants that will also look in your garden.

What Are Pet Friendly Garden Flowers?

While you want to make sure that you choose the right flowers your geographical region, you also need to choose the right ones that are safe for you pets. Below are some pet safe flowers that you can plant in your garden this spring.

Pineapple Sage – The Pineapple Sage offers colorful red booms that smell divine and attract hummingbirds but are safe for your dogs.

Snapdragons – Snapdragons are classic and popular flowers that are safe and non-toxic for dogs. Snapdragons can be found in a variety of colors and are easy to master, even for beginning gardeners.

Daylilies – A Daylily might become your dog’s favorite outdoor spot because they provide cool leaves to chill out under on a warm day. Although Daylilies are fine for dogs, it is worth noting that they are toxic for cats.

Marigolds – Marigolds are attractive flowers that come in a myriad of colors but offer more benefits than just their beauty. The Marigold is not only pet-friendly and attractive, but it’s also a deterrent to insects.

Roses – Roses are beautiful, elegant, and safe for pets. Color your garden with roses in many shapes, colors, and sizes.

Asters – With over 200 varieties of Aster, your choice of color and size can bring an ambiance like no other flower can. All while being very pet friendly.

Gerber Daisies – No matter what gardening zone you are in, you’ll likely be able to succeed in growing non-toxic Gerber Daisies. These annuals offer a classic look and fit in with any landscaping style.

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How Can I Protect My Garden From My Pets?

Fence off part of your garden to protect your pet from certain plants or vice versa. It’s a good option to keep certain delicate plants, shrubs, or flowers from being trampled or disturbed by your dogs. Be sure to include a spacious area that is your pet’s special place to enjoy. Here are some ideas to make your dog’s special place amazing.

Make a Sunflower Pyramid Doghouse – Sunflowers are easy to grow and mold into a pyramid that can serve as a tent that offers comfort and shade to your pup. Your dog might find a nice napping spot or a natural doghouse that can house their food and water bowl.

Provide Dog-friendly Herbs – Certain herbs are calming and healthy for dogs. You might add chamomile and lavender to provide health benefits to your curious pet. Be sure to check with your dog’s vet first to make sure your choice of herbs are pet-friendly.

Include Outdoor Fun – If your garden has space, you can add a sprinkler feature or climbing element to allow your dog to take outdoor enjoyment to the next level.

The temperatures are starting to rise and summer will be in full effect soon. It’s the perfect time to have the best of both worlds – a colorful garden full of flowers and an oasis for your dog to enjoy all year-round. One part of keeping your garden beautiful is clearing away your pet’s waste. It can be a full-time job to keep up with, but Pet Butler offers a solution that makes life easier for the pet owner.

At Pet Butler, we work hard to help bring you quality information so you can make the right choices for you and your pet. That is why Pet Butler makes it an easy decision on who should help keep your yard poop-free. If you want to learn more about the services we provide, follow the link here!

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